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Ok you think you can handel the truth? I don't think so cause it'll blow your freaking head off.

1. Dish Network is a big company, so like most big companys they don't care how you feel about them during your stay with the company. Once you're signed on, you might as well lube up your colon right away.

2. The contract. No where does it say anything about a guarentied price. NO WHERE! If you actually had read the thing and understood it, you'd pee yourself laughing as you walked away from the dealer. Dish Network's contract basically says this. For the first year, you get $15 off your bill. But after 3 months and 6 months we're going to charge you for the free *** and not even tell you. O, you're bill can go up too if we feel like it. In a nutshell, all it says is "We do what we want to your bills and programming, and you have to stay with us for at least 2 years. What's that? The seller promised you something different? WE DON'T CARE!"

3. When calling into customer service, don't start swearing and act all mad. We deal with it all day, honestly, we all sit around the smoke shack and make fun of you on our breaks and tells storys about how we could of fixed it, but just made you angerier instead because you decided to be a pompus ***.

4. Don't call us and say you're not returning the equipment "SEND ONE OF YOUR GUYS OUT TO GET IT!" is an argument we have everyday, almost 4 times an hour. We're not sending anyone to pick up our equipment. We're not going to have this argument again. Don't even call, just get charged for it and leave us alone....Or do the smart thing and just send it back and pay for it cause it'll cause you a lot of less pain in the end. If you want us to come and get it, there's a way. But you'll have to have your account activated, and pay $99 for us to get it.

5. We're all undertrained to holy *** at the call center. We spend 6 weeks in a classroom and don't learn ***. Then 2 weeks on the phones under the watchful eye of a trainer who basically sits there and bes fat all day and doesn't help us out at all.

6. The supervisors hate to be bothered cause their *** don't smell. When you ask for one, we have to get up, get told by our superviors to find another one cause they're busy filling paperwork. Don't even ask for a supervisor, just ask to be transfered to loyalty if you want something that bad. Honestly, the person who answers your call has just as much power as the supervisor, they can do whatever they want to your account basically. So when they say "I'm sorry, we can't do that." Honestly, no one can *** DO THAT! The only reason it seems like a supervisor can do more, is because you pissed off the first person so much they just didn't want to help you out, and the supervisor just says yes because they want you off of the line so fast so they can go back to being fat.

7. Hey, wanna know a secret? WE KNOW YOU ORDERED THAT PPV! YOU'RE NOT GETTING IT FOR FREE JUST BECAUSE YOU CALL IN AND *** UP AND DOWN THE WALL! PPV's can't just magically order themselves, it's true! There's 3 systems you have to bypass to get one ordered, and if one fails the other 2 will back it up so it doesn't happen. O yeah, and we can tell how it was ordered, so don't even try lieing to us and saying you didn't. We know when you call in to order it, and we know when you use the remote.

8. Charlie doesn't care about any of you. He may seem all nice as nice can be when he says his sweet words to you on channel 100, but it's all a lie. Big business does it all the time.

9.When you call in and yell at us to do something then hang up, we don't don't do it. We just move on to the next call.

10. Seems like the person just wants you off their line? It's completelty true. We have handle times to keep up. If your call goes over 4 minutes, then we just lost points and you're ruining our bonus. ***, if we try to be good employees and handle your *** to the best of our abilities and it goes over 5 minutes, we get threatened. No lies here! Managment threatens us all with giant lay offs and firings if we have an average of over 5 minutes. It happens every team meeting, all the teams get told they are the 367th ranked team, and that they are talking of letting us go because we aren't meeting production times. They expect us to take over 140 calls a day and threaten us for trying to do our jobs right. AND THAT'S WHY WHEN YOU CALL IN, WE HANG UP! THAT'S RIGHT! WE HANG UP MOST OF THE TIME ON YOU BECAUSE YOU JUST WON'T STOP *** AND WE NEED THE JOB!

11. Just stay away from dish. Honestly, just stay away. Bankrupt this evil corperation. It won't be missed. Then, put Direct T.V out of business because somehow, they're slimer than Dish.

-Nebraskan Blur.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Robin Hood Political Action Coalition

Robin Hood Political Action Coalition a.k.a RPAC is an underground movement formed in the wake of continued abuses by Dish Network Corporation towards the American Consumer and the lack of strong Government action towards them.

The main objective of RPAC is to Protect Consumers from Dish Network Corporate Abuses and also to gain valuable intelligence on Dish Network Corporation / Employees / Contractors. The intelligence may include personal information on employees, insider information of their illegal business activities and other related materials in protecting the American Consumer.

This intelligence will be furnished to proactive entities from underground to mainstream entities for peaceful actions. These entities may include Private Investigatory entities, Public legal entities, Government Agencies, Protest Groups, and Media.

RPAC will also liaison with other peaceful movements in conducting lawful protests/surveillance at strategic locations. This may include specifically targeting Corporate Directors / Employees at their places of occupation, residences, and place they associate.

RPAC will publish and distribute a black list of names of Dish Network Corporation Employee Violators throughout its network.

RPAC will also work with non-corrupt Government agency officials with insider information and Witnesses for civil and criminal actions.

RPAC will also provide information to lobby groups for legislative /actions to State and Federal Representatives related to Protecting the American Consumer.

RPAC encourages all its coalition members, supporters and partners to respect the laws and conduct actions peacefully. RPAC also encourages its members to defend themselves and take necessary legal and security steps including personal self defense training from any unlawful reactions by their targets who violate their peaceful actions.

RPAC will also target Dish Networks interests within and outside of its borders continental USA in peaceful and actions while respecting the laws of that nation the operation is taken.

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