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I have had Dish Network at my home for 6+ years. I have never missed a payment or been late..

I called them last week to tell them someone had stolen a box of my checks and the police and my bank encouraged me to CLOSE MY CHECKING ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY! I did so and then realized their check had not cleared yet.

I called in ADVANCE to tell them and assure them I would write another check immediately.

I woke up this morning and they had disconnected my service. (I pay a month in advance btw) When I called I could not speak to anyone who I could understand but the gist of why they disconnected is because my check came back.


Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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see what I mean.. I hope many others read this so they will see that you don't even read the complaints.. you merely click and paste unrelated replies..


P.S. Did you notice Thomas, that it took Dish over 4 months to respond to this?

That's about how they treat their customers too.. you are lucky to get a response in 3 weeks on most issues.. they better figure it out before they lose the entire market..

ON MY STREET ALONE, 7 people left Dish for Verizon in the 4th quarter of 2010.. that's just one street...


This information is far too late sir.. I have now had Verizon for over 3 months and loving it.. GOOD LUCK!


Hello, my name is Tommy Faust with DISH Network Customer Support. I'm sorry to hear you got disconnected like that.

If you were to go to our website at you can access your online account and make a manual payment there which clears our system quickly.

This should help you make payment in event your checks get stolen and to prevent any problems just in case. If you're still having issues with this or any other questions/concerns feel free to email me at

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