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After being a loyal customer for almost 20 years, it came time for an upgrade, because my equipment was so old that it quit working. So I called and I was told that it would cost me a one time upgrade fee of, $510, plus the monthly rental fee.

I was like " not no but, *** No". So I started looking on the internet and found a page on the dish website that said an upgrade fee of $199. So I called back, that was for NEW customers only. So she went through the spill, and and then told me that it would be the monthly rental fee plus a one time upgrade fee of $760. "What the ***?" I told her she better check her numbers, and she supposedly looked over the computer, and said that was right.

I told her to transfer me to a supervisor, or higher, she put me on hold, and came back and said the supervisor confirmed that was right. Then she said because she tried to find a way to get me a discount, the supervisor said I could either pay it, or not get an upgrade. I lost it, and did something I never do, and went off on the phone person. I worked a call-center phone support, those guys on the phone, have nothing to do with any of it, it's not their fault so I don't take it out on them. I did apologize, and then told her that I had paid my last dish network bill, because I would be calling directv, because I be *** if I bend over and not use vaseline over tv service.

After 20 years as a customer, referring several people, never late on a payment, upgrading every chance I got. By my calculations after 20 years of service, at an average monthly bill of $100, I have paid them $24,000, and they want to rape me with a $500-$700 upgrade fee. What the ***? They don't value my being a customer for that long, enough to reward my loyalty? They would prefer to get people to sign up, and then leave, so they can say they can brag about all their new customers, instead of all the loyal customers. I don't get it.

Reason of review: Don't value your business.

Preferred solution: I am will no longer be a customer after this week. Once I get Directv hooked up, Dish has lost a loyal customer. That.

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Nashville, Georgia, United States #995814

I have been done the same way,, they wanted to send a tech, and I can do it myself,,, as for now, after since 1999 I have no service,,,, once they told me my receivers was old, then another person on the phone told me that I needed a new dish. All I needed was a screwdriver. I stopped watching TV cause of dish, what they send to ur house is a bunch of loonies,, lock ur keepsakes up...


We'd be happy to look into this situation further. Please send us an email at with your information so we can assist you in full.

Thank you!

Christopher Sagal

DISH|Social Media Representative

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