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My favorite shows were on VOOM. Going to discontinue their service along with my mom, and daughters service soon.

It's a pathetic move that Dish has done, and people are not going to forget it.

VOOM was replaced with a bunch of junk in comparison to the VOOM HD channels. We have been waiting to see what happens and apparently nothing is going to change unless the customers actually show Dish that we are not going to continue their service as a result of this injustice. I don't want $10.00 of my bill for the next 12 months and i don't want to hear any bogus excused on the phone about why they were dropped. You know what the truth is.

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Bonne Terre, Missouri, United States #20322

I agree. I will change my service to the first service (cable or satellite) the offers Voom. I can't find any programming I want to watch on Dish since they removed Voom.

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