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I was told by the tech that if i would pay $99.00 dollars up front i would not be in a contract with dish for 24 months and i could cancel at any time .Also i had 30 days to cancell.I agreed with this because we are thinking about selling our house and i didnt want to be tied to a contract.I agreede to the service and it was installed.I got our first bill and it was for $33.00 dollars not $99.00.I called dish billing and they said I was under a 24 month contract. I called and cancel the service,now they want me to pay for early cancell.;This is a rip off .they got the $33.00 pluse the $99.00 pluse$87.00Dollars I had the service for about 3 weeks .Its a com and I tell all my friends and family to use Direct ,it cost a little more but they dont try to *** you.

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Same thing happened to me. The cancellation department told me that since i am cancelling within 30 days of starting my service that they would wave the cancellation fee.

A week later i got a letter stating that i am being billed a cancellation fee.

When i called to argue this they said there is no note on the account and that they are going to charge me. What a joke of a service....comcast is a little more but you dont get sucked in and the features are way better

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