Had been with them for 2 yrs. The receiver that i rented from Dish Network bit the dust. Upon confirming it was toast they wanted me

to pay around $50.00 to ship the old one to them.

Our agreement was up; so I asked if I canceled our services how much was it to ship their 4 receivers back & lnb. Imagine that it doesn't cost anything & they send the boxes also? So I ask the guy (McDonalds graduate) on the phone would they rather eat the 50.00's 1 time or lose around a $100.00 a month payment. Sum this up in 2 words. Their ***'s.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

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Conroe, Texas, United States #779411


Please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can have a look. Thanks for your efforts.


Did you ask the guy his educationsl background....no i bet not. He has to follow company policy to keep his job.

What if you went *** nilly and did whatever you wanted at work? Besides to a big company like them your 100 dollars a month is pocket change. I work for their competitor and i am defending the guy.

Next time you go to work break the rules there and see how long you last, just do whatever suits you and watch the profits decline snd your paycheck go to zero.


Read the fine print.. You gotta have their service plan to get repairs covered...

It also costs $17 per receiver to ship back... I

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