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I have been a Dish Network customer for over ten years, reason being, no cable access in development.. I have been though 4 DVRs! I am really getting tired of losing my recordings. Here in the past two years it seems though the trouble with the DVRs has got worse. Bet you can guess what the main problems have been!!?? Yep thats right hard drive failure! This usually occurs in different manors.The banner comes up telling me I need to power down the receiver due to hard drive failure that my DVR functions will not work properly. Im so tired of doing this and it takes 10 minutes for it to come back on. I really believe these DVRs are like a the x-box, they get too warm and after awhile the hard drive goes bad in them. I would suggest the company upgrade to a new model of thr DVR to correct this problem. And here recently I have been having alot of problems with freezing up and scrambling. I first thought i needed to adjust my dish, however many other people including family and friends have been complainning about the same things as well. I dont mind that the 129 orbiter went out today. I understand breakdowns occur its the ongoing problems time after time that are angering me.

Then to top it off i recently bundled my dish with Frontier Phone and internet svc. Where they offered me the free 15 inch laptop from HP??

Yea right!! After i raised heck enough finally they sent it. A mini laptop about an 8 inch screen made by some company called EEE?? Who the *** is EEE??

Now mind you I done this to save money. Well I had to raise heck again for three moths until they finally bundled it, got my next bill and was outrageous! And the monthly bill runs fourty some dollars higher than it was supposed to be.

I know Dish Network dont have control over what Frontier does but their all in it together just thought I would add that problem as well.

Well guess what Dish Network? My development now has brand new cable run in it and i can tell you without regret I will be bundling services with them .

And the rest of the development has also expressed interest in switching services as well.

So after being a customer over ten years dont dare tell me im under any contract!

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I feel your pain! I am on my fifth DVR receiver with the same old problems.

I have since discovered that the replacements that they send out are refurbs. Not good!

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