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Dish has a propagande video on one of the channels they are thinking about dropping KTVQ Billings. If you listen to the *** on the video she says that local TV charges more.

Then if that is the case why is it free by use of antanna.

If anything I think both cable and satilite customers should be paid for watching a channel and having "advertisments, and you are watching" flash up during you program..But Dish is *** about money. To funny, maybe we all need to send our local companies a bill for advertisments, I thought that that was the reason why cable was invented. 

Reason of review: Dropping a channel.

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Channel owners charge advertisers to advertise on their channels, and hen charge providers such as Dish to retransmit their signal. It is free over the air but providers have to pay for it, and the charge will go right to you. They are trying to cause that price to go up the least amount possible.

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