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Called Dish a couple of years ago to ask them to temporarily suspend service as we were going through major issues with medical bills due to my wife having cancer. I told them I would resume service when it was possible.

The agent said they understand and that I can call when ready to resume. I explained to them that since I was going to resume service I was going to hold on to the boxes. They again said no problem just call when you are ready. Well three days ago I contacted Dish and asked what it was to resume service.

I was told $980.00 was due to resume the service. I said that is impossible why so high? The rep told me it was for not returned equipment and box rental. I told him about the first call when I asked to suspend service due to financial hardship and I would resume when I can.

He got back to me and told me that the fees for the boxes were removed and to start service it would be $151.96 for the box rentals to get payed up. I went online chat today 2-23-2013 and was told it was $168.96 to bring the account current. I then asked to resume my service and was told that my boxes were outdated and I needed new ones to resume my service. I went online a couple hours later and asked why I was told the boxes would not work.

I was told that they will work however I needed to pay $789.89 to activate my account. I told them I already had been through that and the fees for equipment were taken off as I needed them for the service.They put me on hold to check with their supervisor and came back online to tell me that they needed $198.00 more to reactivate service. I told them I had paid the fee given me earlier in the day that was $168.96. I was again put on hold and this time I was told I had to call in and talk to their executive resolution team to handle this.

I called them and got another story again on how I needed to pay $998.99 to resume service plus two months up front for service. I told them the whole story about all that had happened and I had just paid to get caught up so I owed nothing. I again was put on hold and when the rep returned he asked if I was keeping the boxes. I said yes I need them if I am resuming service.

I again was put on hold and when he came back said ok we need two months up front for service to resume and the total is $198.89. I told him impossible $49.99 per month plus box rental no way adds up to $198.89. I was told that the service was $79.99 a month plus $25.00 a month for the HD box plus $10.00 a month for DVR service and $15.00 a month for their damage insurance. Math again is wrong.

I told him that online it says the monthly fees for the package are $49.99 a month. I was told that it was a price for new accounts only.

I told him it says online it is for both new and existing.He said it was not online on their site it was for new only. Needless to say I did not resume service with them as they can not come up with any answers that match.

Monetary Loss: $169.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #660529

I came across your post and would like to help you! It sounds like you had the understanding the account would just be placed on Pause and what actually happened was it being disconnected.

Can you please email me your account number at so I can review it to determine what happened and get it all straightened out? Thank you and I hope to hear from you!

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