I already had dish for the primary home then last year I called them and stated that I had a secondary, very seasonally home 150 miles north in the same state.I made it clear to the salesperson that I would like the best deal on dish service for this seasonal home and that I would be only there on weekends and then almost exclusively during the summer months.

They sold me a package with a 2 year commitment and they explained that I could put the service in suspense for a min of one month and maximum time of six months. I asked about re-activating the service for just a few days should we decide to visit the home perhaps over the Christmas holiday. The rule was I could activate it but for not less than 30 days. That was irritating but even worse was the fact that the suspended time would not count toward my 24 month commitment.

And now for the actual "kick in the teeth" from dish. About a month ago I saw a dish commercial highlighting that with an Amazon Firestick ($40 at Best Buy) and with the Dish anywhere app, I could watch everything like I was at my primary home in front of that TV. In other words they clearly knew my situation when I called them to set up the secondary home with Dish and they could have saved me over $1000 which includes what I had paid so far PLUS a $400 early termination fee from cancelling the service and spending $40 one time to buy the firestick.

It was unethical, sneaky and downright disgusting that they did not tell me about the best option that they are now advertising about daily.Needless to say I am really pissed off about it and would never recommend them as they turned a deaf ear to my complaint about their business ethics and tactics.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I just got off the phone with these crooks.They took money from my account saying I agreed to it wh e I got service.

They have no identification to prove my signature and also no electrionc signature to take payment. I was told that they would send me an email and review the stolen money from my account and get to me in 10 days.

This company is the *** of the earth and have zero legal rights to take money when they can't even positively identify who they are talking to..I will get my money from them even if I have to hire an attorney and loose more money


Dish has never responded to my complaint not even to dispute it.

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