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I cancelled my dish service and was charged an early termination fee of $385, which was fine. Charter cable was offering to buy out contracts up to $400, so I switched due to lack of programming with Dish and wanting to charge me an outrageous price just to add a box to my house.

Anyway, I cancelled the service like I said and while I was waiting for the check to come from Charter, Dish went ahead and debited the $385 from my checking account using the saved information from a previous one time payment. I was not set up on autopay and did not authorize them to take money from any of my accounts. To top it off, I just dropped off my rent check today and since they did this this evening, I am now short on clearing this check. This is bull!!!

Isn't this completely illegal? Misuse of a customers financial information for their financial gain?

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $372.

I liked: Great sign up.

I didn't like: Cost to add a box and lack of common channels.

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Read your service agreement. It explicitly states, and not in fine print, that they will use the card used to sign up, or one used to upgrade to charge any early termination fee, unreturned equipment fee, and service rendered.

You authorized it by giving the card number for a hold.

What Charter is offering you has no bearing on Dish. They will not and should not change their timeline because you are waiting for another company to pay it.

All that is of concern to Dish is the agreement you have with them. Maybe you should hassle charter for not offering the check sooner, since they were the ones that made the offer and convinced you to incur an ETF.

to SatelliteFan #1074016

Some of us have very busy lives and don't have time to read every word of every service agreement they encounter. In 35 years this is the first time a service provider has ever done something so drastic, which tells me this is not standard practice of other companies in their nature of business.

Heck i didnt even get a courtesy notice that the automatic draft was going to be made. Pretty sketchy if u ask me.

to Anonymous Guadalupe, Arizona, United States #1080363

If you "do not have time" to read what you are signing, then you are truly at fault for what you are agreeing to. You have now blatantly admitted that you didn't care what was in there and you don't mind opening yourself up to all of the stuff that happens to you.

Again, it is not even fine print. It is pretty explicit.

If companies operated the way you do, they would go bankrupt immediately. Good grief.

to SatelliteFan #1074203

Satellitefan, commenting and trolling nearly every negative review on this site does not help your company. In fact, quite the opposite.

It's pretty sad that your job even exist. It makes it completely obvious that Dish Network h as no concept of customer service.

They would rather pay someone to troll comments than address many legitimate issues raised in these reviews.

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