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When we ended our cable service, no one at the cable complany gave us any grief.

Not so with DISH. After a great runaround, and repeatedly asking if I would "like to have a technician come out", I stated, "I have told you I already have cable and I'm not going back to DISH. I just want to discontinue my service". At that point, the DISH employee became quite nasty, asking if "I would like to call back later when I'm less angry, so that I can think more clearly". As infuriating as this was, I forced myself to listen to her snide comments (she was quite sarcastic and snide after that), and finally I was allowed to stop my DISH service. I will NEVER again deal with this company for ANY reason. If for some reason cable stops coming to this area, I'll just use internet TV rather than go to DISH again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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