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I still have not gotten any help from dish, but the original installer gave the 100.00 back. I would leave Dish, but from what I have heard the other providers are just as bad.

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Original review posted by user Jun 13, 2011

Dish Network cut off my services because I refused to pay for a receiver I never received. I called them to find out why my box was not working.

They told my it was turned off because I didn't return it when my new receiver came. I told them that I didn't get a new receiver. I called many times over several days was on hold for ever. I didn't get any help they more or less said sucks to be u.

They said that UPS drop it on my front door, but I don't have it. I went online to look @ my account even online it said that the equipment was not delivered. I called them back to tell them what was on my online acct. Their answer to that was to block my access to my online acct.

The fact that they have a customer service line is a joke they don't know the meaning of it. The next time I called they would not even send my call through and then they hung up on me.

I called the person who installed the equipment I hope that will help. If that does not resolve it I will contact a lawyer to get out of my contract because I fulfilled my end of the contract, but they didn't not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I wanted to add that my original istaller got back with me. He told me to go ahead and pay the 100.00 and then he gave me the money back.

I think that Dish can learn from him on how to treat customer with respect. Dish needs to learn that without the customer's they would not have a Co. The customer service team also needs a reality check without the customer's they would be without a job.

They would be the one's getting calls about unpaid bills. I hope that when they are on the other end of the call that the people treat them better than Dish treats their customer's


I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I hear of too many situations like this.

If you need any help with finding a new provider feel free to call. 1-866-223-4732

Chris :)

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