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I switched to Dish at the end of September 2017. Directv had become too expensive.

I ordered the NHL Center Ice package and found to my disgust that Dish carried standard definition ONLY for 13 of the 31 teams and no broadcasts at all for Vegas Nights games -- neither their broadcasts nor the opposing teams broadcasts (unless the opposing team was in my regional sports network). Directv has had HD broadcasts forALL teams for several years. This diluted, watered-down package was not offered at a discount -- in fact it was $1 and change more than Directv! I could not cancel after subscription but I watched fewer games because of the poor picture quality.

I complained to Dish and got a "sorry you are unhappy -- we will look into it as we know hockey is important to many people". Of course, nothing was done because Dish is too cheap to make the expenditure to bring the package to an acceptable level. I strongly urge viewers to stay away from NHL Center Ice at Dish because it is almost impossible to follow the puck in poor quality SD and close to half of all games are in SD on Dish. I don't think I would pay even half-price for this inferior product in the future.

Now on cutting off broadcasts -- on 4/15 I was watching a playoff game between Columbus and Washington on NBC Sports (channel 159).

The broadcast started at 4:30 p.m. (PST) and was scheduled through 7:30 p.m. However, the game was tied and had 1:52 left in the third period. If the game was tied after 3 periods, overtime would take place after intermission for ice resurfacing.

At precisely 7:30 the broadcast stopped and a message on the screen said I was not authorized to see this broadcast! Another game (LA Kings and Vegas Nights) was scheduled for that time and in California we had to see that game on our regional sports channel so Dish immediately blacked out the NBC Sports broadcast even though that channel continued to broadcast the remainder of the 4:30 game. So the rest of the country could continue to watch the continuation of the 4:30 game and we were blacked out in California! I called Dish and waited 20 minutes to get a technician and was given ridiculous reasons for the blackout (broadcasters decision, etc.) and was told Dish had no control over this.

I told him that Directv always corrected an erroneous blackout when a game lasted longer than expected and Dish could do the same and his response was to have me shut down the receiver to reboot and of course this did nothing because the problem was at Dish.

On April 17 I had exactly the same issue! So in 2 days I watched 6 hours of 2 hockey broadcasts and was shut out of the overtime for each game because Dish does not care enough about their customers to make sure that they get the programming they pay for.

Actually I like most everything else about Dish but their programming snafus and the watered down Center Ice package are deal breakers for continuation with them after my contract expires.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Nhl Center Ice Tv Package.

Reason of review: hopper and joies are good.

I liked: Hopper and joeys.

I didn't like: Poor quality ctr ice pkg and blackouts of programs in progress.

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When I called Dish and asked what teams were in HD they gave me some nonsense about how that decision is 100% up to “the broadcaster” of each individual team. Total garbage. Someone PLEASE list the teams that are only in Horrible SD Please???


Could someone please list the teams that are only offered in lousy SD? I will not even consider spending nearly 200$ on the package unless EVERY Boston Bruins game in HD I’d seriously consider switching back to DIRECT TV over this as I know EVERY game on the package is HD.

to Ben Dwyer #1583784

The 12 teams broadcasts that are in SD only on Dish are: New York Rangers, New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres, Philadelphia Flyers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks. Vegas Knights, which were not broadcast at all by Dish last season, have been added to the current season (both SD and HD).

to Ben Dwyer #1621741

Dude the Bruins has almost ALL games in HD in 2016-2017. NO idea what went on.

Now that we are like 1/3 into the season it seems MOST games are NOT in HD. I’m cancelling after more than 15 yrs with DISH Network.

I can’t even watch the post game on NESN via their feeds. DISH Sucks!

to QuietPeacock #1621742

Meant the Bruins ‘HAD’ almost all the games in HD...


Dish has zero control of blackouts it’s fcc laws that cause blackouts and there’s no way direct or any pay tv provider could fix that, dish also doesn’t control your in market sports region (also fcc) and the recording quality is up to the channel owners, not dish

to Anonymous #1481574

Sorry, you are wrong or misinformed. The FCC did not black out these games after 3 hours of broadcast.

Their intention was to show the complete games. When a game runs over the expected time it is up to Dish to adjust their service to allow you to see the complete game. Dish, not the FCC, has the physical control of the broadcast of their service. DirecTV has done this successfully for several years.

The FCC has no intention of blacking out the ending of games that have been approved for broadcast -- the entire game is to be broadcast or blacked out from beginning to end.You are also off the mark in stating that the recording quality is up to the channel owners. All the channels on the Center Ice package have both HD and SD quality broadcasts available.

Dish chooses to broadcast 13 of the 30 channels in SD only, presumably because it is more expensive to provide the HD broadcasts. As mentioned earlier, DirecTV provides ALL these broadcasts in HD because they have contracted to do so with all of the regional networks and Canadian broadcasters.

to Anonymous #1621744

NOT true. There are contracts that involve lots of $.

There are stipulations, viewership numbers etc. that also factor in to these situations.

Same thing with local stations. Now, a proverbial ‘black out’ is different.

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