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BE WARNED - DO NOT USE DISH NETWORK…you will regret it!!!

I had been a customer of DirecTV for a long time but thought the idea of saving a little money per month ($20) was worth signing with Dish…It was the worst experience I've EVER had with a company in my life.

Remember, everything I am about to go over is compared to DirecTV since I had been with them for many years.

From day 1, the interface or user friendliness of how everything was set-up was very UN-friendly. It took many more steps to do simple tasks and at times was flat out confusing but, I kept thinking, "I'm saving $20 a month". In retrospect, it's as if all common sense went out the window when Dish was deciding what units to offer OR (and I believe this to be the case) in order for Dish network to compete with DirecTV and save a buck Dish network chose an inferior product...I never had this problem with DirecTV. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I started wondering, did I make a bad choice?

Then I started to notice a common problem with the Dish Network recordings, each show I recorded would have several areas where the screen would go black or fuzz out or several static lines would appear making the recorded show unwatchable or annoying at best...I never had this problem with DirecTV!

I called Dish network and, after waiting on hold for a long time, got people that I couldn't understand because their English was so broken. I told the Dish network CS agent, after several "WHAT's??" that I couldn't understand what they were saying. I had to hang up and call back so I could get someone that could speak understandable English. Again, I got someone I couldn't understand. The Dish network CS agent tried to walk me through some reprogramming and such but it was a very long haul as I couldn't understand anything. After a lot of time and 2 more calls attempting to fix the issue's I was having with their unit, the Dish network CS agent suggested I get a new unit. Dish network said, "˜they would send me a new unit and then I would need to send the malfunctioning unit back to them within a few days. They would be replacing the current unit for one that was the same model. I told them this unit seemed cheap and I would like to get a unit that wasn't so cheap. I was told, "No", unless I was willing to pay more.

The idea was to save money and I didn't want to spend more on another unit. Besides, how did I know it would be any better?

A week later, I got the new unit from them stating I had a short time to send the malfunctioning unit back. I then noticed there was no return slip to send the unit back. I ended up paying $15 s/h to send their defective unit back. I then started to hook up the new unit as instructed…It didn't work. Again I found myself calling Dish network CS and again was extremely frustrated with the lack of English. After many hours of frustration and playing IT for Dish network, finally, the new receiver was working. It wasn't long before I realized, the recordings were just as bad as before. The problems I was experiencing from the other receiver were identical. Needless to say, I was furious and realized I had made a very bad decision in going with Dish network. It was obvious; Dish network had cut corners to save a buck. I should add, DirecTV's customer service was amazing in comparison. I always understood the person on the other line and they were always courteous.

At this point, I no longer believed in nor had any faith in Dish network, neither their equipment nor their customer service. I was done with Dish network…done with their lousy CS, done with their unfriendly interface, done playing Mr. fix-it and done with inferior Dish network products. Naturally, I wanted to cancel the service and go back to DirecTV. I knew I would need to call Dish network CS to cancel my account and was dreading the thought. I knew I would be battling just to understand them. I explained everything that took place. They informed me I would have a $300 fee charged for early cancellation. I told them I will not pay that fee with everything that has happened. The Dish network agent said there is nothing they can do. I then told them that I need to speak with their superior. They transferred me, I heard music and then I was hung up on. I called back. Got a new agent who wanted me to repeat the issue rather than read through the notes so I did. Again, the agent said there is nothing they can do and I needed to pay the $300. I told that agent to put me through to their Boss and they did. I spoke with a woman who had me repeat everything AGAIN. She told me there was nothing she could do and I owed the $300. I went round and round with her explaining firmly but professionally, I have been wronged here. I am cancelling your service because you failed to keep me satisfied on many levels and there is no point in continuing to do business with a company that doesn't care about me or providing nor exercising good business practices. I told her I want to speak with your boss right now as this is going nowhere and before I could finish my sentence…she hung up on me. I called back. I told the 1st rep I want to speak with your legal department. The rep slowly but surely said, I will transfer you to our legal department. I then spoke to another CS rep and again had to explain my whole story. She said I would need to send the 1st unit back. I explained to her that I already did. She said she had no record of it. I told her a Travis at the front desk signed for it about 3 weeks ago and I had a tracking number. She said send her that

info and if the original unit was received she could work with me. I sent it to her…and never heard anything back so I called again. I told the first agent I need to speak with your boss. I was then transferred to a supervisor. The supervisor had me explain the whole story again and proceeded to tell me I still had to pay $300. I then told her I needed to speak with the legal department because that person said they would be willing to work with me so long as the Unit was indeed returned. She said they don't have a legal department for me to be transferred too. I told her the last lady I spoke to was from their legal department. She said the last person I spoke to was a Dish network agent with the same status as her…a supervisor. I told her to let me speak to her boss and she transferred me. The next person I got on the phone said he was it that there was no one higher than him. Again, he had me explain my situation. He then replied stating I had to pay the $300 dollars. I said, so no matter what has transpired…even though your company has not lived up to any kind of satisfactory service, even though your company has inconvenienced me, even though you have wasted many hours of my time in trying rectifying this situation and inconvenienced me greatly. He said, "yes sir you still owe the

$300 and you will be charged $15 dollars for each unit you need to send back…

I explained to the agent that I am an internet marketer by trade. I send millions of emails daily, have social sites with huge followings, am skilled in search engine marketing. I told him the way I was being treated was wrong and explained that I would have to use my talents to warn others if this was the route he was going to take. I told him I was going to asked one more time...give him one more chance to let me speak to someone else that could write off the $300.

I again offered to pay $150 if he would pay the other half. He said there is no one else for me to speak with and I would need to pay the full $300.

I told him to cancel my account immediately and that I will see to it people hear about my experience with Dish network… he didn't care???

I expect Dish Network to do the following...

- Refund/write-off the $300 dollars,

- Refund/write-off the last month of service,

- Pay for the receivers to be sent back.

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My freind showed me the complaint he listed about dish network yesterday. I wont to add my two cents like they really care, but here it is.I also have the 120 channel line up with HBO.

I also pay $ 80.00 a month and I am retired,half the HBO channels are childrens shows, I thought that was what the cartoon network waas for which is included in the 120 channels. My wife told me that at there cooking club they announced that a rep from Direct tv was coming door to door in the neighbor hood.We are goning to see what they have to offer and if it is not any better then we will switch to local cable which is $29.99 a month and that leaves us with $ 50.00 dollars to rent at red box or sign with netflix, but we are not putting up with Dishnet any longer and are telling all at the cooking clubs and Kiawanis that Dish has no value to the retired community.


Dish has gone down hill so bad, I see a stream of customers leaving them. There programing has hit rock bottom.

Example there top 120 channels plus HBO $80.00 a month, no value, all you get is reruns or children shows on half the HBO channels. No value fixing to dump them.


Thank you for this information! I was thinking about switching to dish but because of this information I am no longer going to do so!!! :(


Thank you sooooo much for your insite! I was thinking about changing from comcast to Dish to like you (save a few dollars ) but after reading this I know not to!!!!


This just goes to show you it's all relative. You HATE Dish Netwrk, and I had an equally horrific experience with DirectTV.

From the start Dec. 2010. They were not forthcoming with information regarding a promotion that I was illegible for. I over looked that.

When I lost my job, I contacted them to suspend my service for up to 6 months. My acct was pd. through mid month.(It has been pd every month automatically as a chg to a credit card.) I documented the entire situation. 5 days after the suspension another chg shows up on my card.

I contacted DirectTV and my card company. I DIDN'T HAVE SERVICE and they saw fit to get another months chg out of me! My investigated and credited me the full amnt. DirectTV dtarted their campaign of harassing me for 3 months accusing me of having a past dues acct, etc.

I wrote a letter with copies of the bills w/documentation of my suspension, etc. Last I contacted DTV, they had the gaul to claim I suspended service AFTER my next month payment was due. LIARS!! I shipped back their receiver and they can shove it where it hurts.

(And, they could not make any future chgs to my credit cd.) Moral of the story: DTV is no less slimy, dishonest, etc. than any other satellite, etc company.


i just wanted to let you know that I have dish currently and have had only a few small problems, but after reading this, I will most definately NOT be renewing my contract when it is up.

for the record however, i believe comcast is much, much worse



Here's the deal, I kept asking to speak to an executive someone that would really listen to how upset I was. Your customer service agents transferred me to “THE GUY”, or so I was told. He said, “There is no one higher and no one else I will be transferred to.” He then proceeded to tell me I would have to pay the $300 cancellation fee. What you guys are failing to see is that I didn't want to quit your was your companies lack of good customer service and inferior equipment was why I had to quit. ***, I just wanted to watch TV. You guys didn't just create a bad've created an enemy for life. You guys have a lot of nerve to charge me $300 when you didn't provide working equipment AND when your service was literally the worst I have ever received from any company.

It has become a hobby of mine to post my terrible experience with Dish on every blog, every chat room, every business website, every business review site, every business on Google maps and every consumer complaint site. It's actually very easy and takes me no time at all...I simply copy and paste.

The $300 you unjustly charged me is going to cost YOU many, many, many times more than it did me AND all will know what your company is really like!

BTW, your company just sent me a bill for $300 bucks. You know I actually have really good credit and don't mind this sitting on my record for a while. I'll wait...let your company sell my note to a collection agency. Then, I'll let that collection agency sell my note to another collection agency until the note is worth nothing. Then, I'll pay probably about $25 to clear the note. My credit will eventually reflect A+ again but the comments I am making all over the web will be there forever and will go on to cost you long after.


Hi my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network Executive Office and I was reading over your post and wanted to touch bases with you on this matter. I see you came to DISH Network to save money and there was a problem with the recordings having distorted picture, I see where we were going to replace the unit and you wanted the newest model of this receiver as well you were told “we could not do that”.

After a week you received the replacement receiver and did not get a return shipping label and you had to pay $15.00. And after hooking up the new receiver it did not fully work and you had to call in for support and had a hard time hearing the Customer Support Agent, and after being on the phone and transferred to different representatives you wanted to cancel your services. When a customer is having a problem with distorted picture there are some steps we have to resolve that issue and if we can not get the equipment working correctly, the steps show us we need to replace the unit we will send out the new equipment and we replace the receiver for a like model unless it is no longer being given out to the public. When we replace the receiver we send shipping labels as long as the customer has the Service Plan and without the Service Plan there is the $15.00 shipping fee to return the equipment back to DISH Network.

When you decide you were not satisfied with the equipment or DISH Network and wanted to cancel service early there is an Early Termination Fee that is due to the customer, we always work to get our customers the best service in the Pay-TV Industry so they will stay DISH Network customers. I would like to go over the account and check the notes and equipment history to get a better idea of the steps to better assist you, I will leave you my e-mail and you can contact me directly;



I really appreciate your advice and I am aware that they will charge the card. The problem with reporting it stolen is that it isn't stolen and I just don't feel right doing that.

I know it may cost me but, it's kind of the "two wrongs don't make a right" thing. :) thanks again!



I appreciate your post and your kind gesture. Please understand, after everything that has happened, I am only interested in one thing...

- Refund/write-off the $300 dollars,

- Refund/write-off the last month of service,

- Pay/refund what I spent to send the receivers back.

Please note: I no longer trust anyone at DishNetwork and the only thing I trust now is the action of delivering my requests above. You tell me you'll do that, with no strings attached and we'll talk.


Keg600, I read your complaint about DISH Network. It does sound very frustrating, and I would be happy to check everything out with you.

Since both your receivers had the same problem there may be something else wrong other than the equipment, and a technician may have needed to go out to fix the problem.

As it sounds like you already canceled I would be glad to review your account and provide further help.

You can reach me at if there's anything you would like me to assist with.

Tommy Faust

DISH Network


report your creditcard lost or stolen, if you dont do this they will charge you the $300 and you will have no way to get it back.

dont cancel your credit card report it stolen or lost, this way no charges can be made against it, a closed card can still be charged.

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