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Update by user Mar 15, 2013

I cancelled Dish. I now have a tv antenna, which receives local channels (8) in HD for free.

I never got any HD channels froom Dish. Even though new customers got it for life!!! Screw them. I also have hulu, netflix and roku.

All totalling up to far less than Dish. A little more hastle watching tv but very few commercials and no :"junk programing" like info mercials and same old commercials endlessly.

Dish is a total ripoff.

Original review posted by user Feb 10, 2013

I cancelled dish this week after 6 years of crappy programming, excessive fees and no freebies for those who are current customers. Imagine, I was paying$65/month and not getting any HD.

But if I cancelled and signed up again, I would!#$% The service is a ripoff for brain dead people.I went to an antenna. I get 10 channels of HD!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE! Everything else is on the internet and costs little if nothing.

And you find real programming by real people. No reruns, the same day!! And thousands of interesting topics. Anyone who wastes money on DISH is a fool.My wife had to go out on the roof to include *** they wanted back.

They put it up and you have to take it down. JERKS. THIEVES! Remember when tv commercials paid for tv and tv was free.

Now on DISH you can get endless commercials. the same ones over and over. And pay through the nose for anything you actually want.

It should be a pick and chose channel selection system. Pay for what you want.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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