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I want to be clear up front, I believe I have had this issue with all "service providers", but as I've had Time Warner, Direct TV, ATT, and I can't be specific I'm posting this as a generic issue and request that you post the specific experience you've had with specific vendors.

If my recall is correct, my billing went from about $90.00 to almost $275.00 as they put on EVERY product that they had available (without permission), I cancelled by email, and then followed up by phone only to find out that email is ignored!

I have made a post on the Government petition website (search on "We the people") Sorry I don't know more about using links. It's the second item that comes up.

Right now this topic is invisible until at least 150 people log in on this site and sign off on the petition.

We may have to do a cumulative build on this as it requires 25,000 signatures in a month but I'm pretty darn sure that there are way more people who believe in this. This is the exact posted shown below. If you believe then put the shoulder to the wheel and get others to sign as well.

(N.B. The below is with typo’s corrected)

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO ---Protect the people from business helping themselves to our bank accounts


With the postal system we are protected from having to pay for items that are sent to us unsolicited, I want this same protection from any business that has access to automatically billing our bank accounts.

The issue I am specifically addressing is the practice of cable and satellite providers of "negative marketing" that is changing the services provided and changing the billing without the customer’s knowledge or consent, then putting the obligation on the customer to cancel the changes made to avoid being billed.

More generically, I want automatic billing authorization to be linked to the original contracted amounts and periods ONLY without notification and authorization of the consumer.

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It would be my pleasure to help you with your post if you could please email me your account number so I can review your billing information. I understand you've provided only limited detail regarding what the issue is and I'm interested in learning more about the situation. My email address is michael.lemar@dish.com and I hope to hear from you!

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