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We opened an account with Dish a few months ago. They started off with a lie.

Many questions were asked about their service including reliability. They never mentioned that the service could be interrupted when there was an issue of weather or other atmospheric conditions. I also ran down a list of channels to see if they were part of the service. They told me all were in our package, another lie.

There were a few that they don't even carry, one of which was the YES Network. The installer had to be shown be me what to do to drill through asbestos tiles so they would not crack. I had to help him feed a coaxial cable through the wall. He didn't even have lock tight for the bolts to ensure that they would not loosen up, and they did during the second nor'easter that we had.

Resulting in a loss of service for three days. He also hit the main electrical line to the house which caused two clips to come loose from the wall. He put some sort of glue on the clips and pushed them back in, but it only held for a few days. He also failed to chaulk around the one coaxial cable that he installed.

Complaints were made to corporate after finally getting a phone number. Instead of getting a call from the CEO we received a tin of Mrs. Fields cookies as an apology. First off, that's not a proper way to apologize or address the situation.

Secondly, the cookies were not marked Kosher. That's an issue because we have a Kosher home. When further issues happened they copped more of an attitude. They connected me to a specialist in the Presidents office.

This individual was a complete moron. If you ever get David Laslo on the phone my sympathy to you. This *** claims to be part of their "customer retention department". This is so far from the truth that it's not even funny.

They have no interest in retaining you as a customer if you prove to know more than they do, or if you stick to your guns about being treated with respect by them. I have been waiting since December 19, 2017 for a call from the CEO. I have however had a five minute non-discussion with their VP of technical. Vivek does not impress me as someone that knows anything about the technical end of the business.

People who are geeks (I can use that term as I am a technical geek) would jump at the opportunity to discuss technology with someone that has an understanding. But he was more interested in getting to his meeting. That tells me that if he were in the field that he wouldn't be able to strip a cable and install a connector. He's a paper pusher and nothing more.

Another thing that I found out about Dish Network. The satellite that they send the signal to US customers is in a geocentric orbit above the equator not over the US. That means that the signal has to travel further and will encounter more interference. Their satellite also lacks a booster for the signal in case of severe weather conditions.

So I strongly recommend to all those that are currently customers and to those that are thinking about becoming a customer, don't. They are overpriced for what they offer and their technology is primitive at best. They also believe that they have the right to violate a customer's First Amendment rights. They can't tell you how to speak to them.

This includes the people working for the call center companies they hire to answer their phones for them. They should be more concerned about how their employees treat their customers. They also don't believe in following "The Golden Rule of Customer Service". They could care less about consumer rights laws and the public service commission of NYS.They claim that they don't fall under their jurisdiction.

The end result is they don't want us as customers anymore. Well, this will cost them big time. They will be blocked from charging our credit card and the credit card company will be billing them back for services that failed to meet our expectations. In other words, a complete clawback of all funds paid to them.

Then they will be gone after for further damages. They won't get their equipment back until a very sizeable check is in our hands.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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It’s funny that you write them from a point of view of a tech geek. I say that, because if you were of any importance, you’d know Vivek Khemka is one of the best.

Go ahead and google him some.Secondly, you didn’t know know the satellites(of all different kinds) are positioned over the equator? Are you special?Thirdly, the FCC has regs on how they can offer their service/signal. That means no increasing the power.How did you not know satellite was affected by weather? My 6 year old knows that.

You must be the worlds worst techie.Lots of complaining but what you leave out is that you were so irresponsible that you forgot to read what you were signing and agreeing to. Firstly, arbitration. Secondly, should the credit card company dispute it, that’s fine. It will get written off, and charged to collections, and be reported against you.

The will submit the contract for review legitimizing the collections. Your choice.

to Boogey Man #1463022

Vivek is a paper pusher and doesn't know *** When I did get that *** on the phone he felt his meeting was more important than speaking to a customer. That proves without a shadow of a doubt that he couldn't even put a simple connector on the end of a piece of coax.

And judging by your lack of writing skills you have no clue of what you are talking about. And I let you in on a secret, a person's profile online can say anything. It doesn't make it true. from the extremely brief conversation with him, he proved to be a fraud.

And not all satellites are in orbit above the Equator. Satellites can have their signals boosted so that atmospheric conditions and weather conditions will not affect the signal they are relaying. So obviously you have no clue.

And lastly, a credit card dispute against a company will have zero effect on one's credit report. The company will be charged back and that is that.

to Boogey Man #1560363

I did look him up. What's on paper doesn't match up with what he really is.

The man couldn't even ask the simplest of questions.

True, I may not be the "absolute" when it comes to knowledge on the equipment for satellite service, however I do my research and the information I found out is contrary to what you claim. And if your 6 year old knows so much about satellite service, perhaps she would do a better job than Vivek.

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