I hesitate to write this report, since I share in some of the stupidity. AT&T is just a huge monster of a company that is set-up with streamlined processes and procedures, making it impossible to truly take care of the little people out here in this cruel-cruel world...

anyway, enough with the drama, but seriously I was so pissed off today. Two year contract from Feb 2008 to Feb 1200 Dish network, AT&T DSL Pro, Landline, Wireless bundle (right before AT&T and Dish called it quits) then I call on Feb 2010 AT&T to switch over to Uverse and so they took care of that. The AT&T rep mentioned something about Dish will want their equipment back, so someone will call me to arrange a UPS package to be delivered to me, with which I can return the Dish equipment at no cost to me. That sounded fine and all, however I think the rep assumed that I knew how it really worked.

That I was going to call Dish network and disconnect my service. I assumed that since I called AT&T to start the Dish service, then all I had to do was call AT&T and request the service be disconnected. But in essence all I had really done is started Uverse account! My address changed so I did not know that I was being billed for the old Dish service still.

My account went delinquent and it marked my credit history. Calls to AT&T and Dish were futile to say the least.

So for a couple of months, I had two different Carrier services under my name,. Now I read the fine print and sure enough it was my responsibility (as much as it does not make sense) to cancel the Dish service directly.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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