Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts
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Apparently, Dish Network is incapable of delivering a signal when it rains or snows. However, this bit of information was never communicated to me or any customer of theirs that I have talked to. Given the weather here in MA and other states where it rains and snows it seems unreasonable for them not to alert customers prior to signing a 2 year contract with a $400 early termination fee. I would never have signed the contract if I was told that poor weather would affect my TV service, after all when do we like to watch- exactly when its raining and we cannot be outdoors.

When I called Dish Network to cancel the service and asked that they waive the $400 fee they refused. I was transferred to supervisors and spoke with the execute team at Dish Network executive resolution center (interesting that they need one). I was told they would cancel the service, but I would have to pay the fee. My position is they broken the contract by not telling us they could not deliver service in poor weather. Since they are unable to provide services when it is raining or snowing and they failed to disclose this fact, it seems unfair to me to be charge the early cancellation fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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