No riots, no looting no one cares ! Now we can see every wrinkle n joan rivers 's *** but, I miss half of the football game because of square ***.

So now we get half sentences and frozen screens like a little resolution was worth not hearing Madden tell us how well the Pack is doing. So I can't believe we all have bought into upgrade mentality where something is better so we must have it ,even though it doesn't work right all the time. Now my touting friend I know what your thinking I bet this A-hole has probably got Dish network or direct tv. No no people this is high speed so good and wonderful cable.Charter to be exact and this even happens on regular air tv .

But wait I bet he got old tv with crappy wires.Wrong!

B band new top of line tv and hdmi everywhere. I fear my people we will have to live with this billion dollar blunder

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You shouldn't be eating that garbage, so they are doing you a favor. Watch the documentary, Food, Inc.


Complaining does nothing considering they don't care. I canceled my account.


Sorry my friend, it is your setup or Charter cable.

Digital TV is fine and well from the cheapest $80 TV to the most expensive. No billion dollar blunders.

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