Dish Network is unethical and misrepresents their service. I signed up for internet service at 1.5 mbps and was extremely disappointed to find thier satellites and available bandwidth are only capable of is 0.8 mbps. When I called to complain the customer service representative told me 0.8 mbps was actually a GOOD speed for their service. I complained that I signed up for, and am paying for, 1.5 mbps; the representative replied that unfortunately they cannot provide that service.

Aware that I was under contract when I cancelled their service, I asked they waive or significantly reduce the cancellation fee because their service was misrepresented and unacceptable. Dish was not willing to negotiate at all and told me that 0.8 mbps IS an acceptable speed, regardless of the speed I was paying for. Or the speed their contract stated they could provide.

To top it all off, I have to remove the equipment (satellite and modem) and return it to Dish. Even if I pay to have one of their representative come to my house and remove the equipment, he will only hand it to me so that I am responsible for safely returning it. I WOULD NEVER SIGN A CONTRACT WITH DISH NETWORK AGAIN, THEY ARE UNETHICAL, PROVIDE POOR SERVICE, AND HAVE NO CONCERN AT ALL FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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dish network indeed misrepresents. they offer you three year service, with auto payment, one year after the promotion expires, and then price goes up.

when you call their customer service ( somewhere in asia) all they say i am sorry, cannot change etc. they are a rip off.


We will be cancelling service with wildblue. Hughes net for the SAME PRICE is far better, already installed.

I had nothing but problems with Wildblue. I will be mailing their *** back to them and I am NOT paying $17.00 times 19.

Can't charge me for something I don't have nor are receiving. RIP OFF ARTISTS is how they are staying business.

Mark H DISH Network

Hello my name is Mark with DISH Network Customer Service. We are sorry to hear of your experience.

We would be happy to look into this for you.

If you can send your DISH account information to me we will look into what occurred with the services for WildBlue. You may reach me at mark.haakenson@dishnetwork.com.

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