I work for a bank in Savannah, GA. One of our business client's bank accounts was fraudulently charged multiple times by Dish Network, totalling over $1000.

They have never had Dish service. We contacted Dish and ultimately spoke to a representative named Bianca, with an additional three letter reference of KAC given. She acknowledged that theses charges were fraudulent and that the bank account was linked to billing for five different Dish accounts, none of which are in our area. She instructed us to draft a letter on bank letterhead listing the account information and the fraudulent charges and she would have the charges reversed AND have the account blocked so no future charges would be allowed.

After the letter was sent, nothing was done on Dish's end. In fact, there were additional charges to the bank account from Dish. We have had to set up ACH fraud services on the bank account as we cannot close the account due to how long the client has had it and how intertwined it is with their business. I was finally able to reach more Dish representatives, Michael Cortez and Chris McQuarter, and they simply want to pass the buck to the bank.

Chris gave me his supervisor's name of Art Estrada, but would not allow me to speak to him. They feel that it is ok for the bank to eat the charges to the client, even though Dish violated billing terms by providing services or goods to an address different than that of the billing address for the account. In addition, Dish acknowledged that it was fraud but still failed to take any responsibility for it, and made absolutely no effort to locate "Bianca" to see why she failed to deliver on her promise. It should throw up a red flag when you have a bank account linked to five accounts in different parts of the country, and no service in the area where the bank account is housed.

As a merchant, it is your responsibility to exercise due diligence when handling financial information, and in this case that certainly did not happen. I personally have Dish Network service and have already marked my calendar to cancel when my contract term is up.

However, I plan on disputing the contract and terminating early for an obvious lack of consideration for protecting financial information on Dish Network's part. It is very upsetting that a company as large as Dish Network feels that they do not have to assume responsibility for their actions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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So if there are so many complaints about Dish Network, why isn't there any thing being done, we suposably, got the presidents office, acussed us of being needed,and was will to reimburse us 20.00.if not guilty why offer is anything


Let's join hands and fight against dish. They have cheated me too.

I removed my HBO promotion as they would charge be if I did not call to cancel. And my bill was $43 including the free promo. After I removed it came to $70!!!!! That's BS.

So I called to complain. They told me they ACCIDENTLY REMOVED MY PROMO. So the new bill will be $43. I AM IN THEIR ACH PROGRAM AND WE TRUST THESE COMPANIES.

But they are cheaters and must me doing this fraud with so many innocent customers. Joking my tweeter handle #nirajNY


Report Fraud to Authorities

File a police report, police departments have a fraud unit with detectives to investigate fraud. “Bank fraud” and if the money is coming from a credit card account “credit card fraud”. Get the police to help you with the investigation, in any case, keep all correspondence with this company “on the record” through mail, email or through the police.

Other agencies to report this to: Federal Trade Commission, FTC, your state’s Attorney General. The AGs can monitor this company for noncompliance with a consumer complaint driven settlement with this company from 2009 called the “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” which was signed on to by 46 state AGs. The AGs retained the right to continue to monitor this company for noncompliance and need to hear from consumers.

Denver, Colorado, United States #638980

Hi my name is Mike Houston a Social Media Representative at DISH. I can totally understand how frustrating this can be for you and I am happy to help you today. To better help you today, please e-mail me at; Michael.houston@dish.com for further assistance?

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