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I am disabled and have to move to government housing, can't take my box with me, now they tell me I have to pay 380.00 to get out of the contract I didn't know I was in. Plus the Boxes are defective and have to pay to ship them back.

Received another one that didn't go with my TV and had to send that one back at my cost to ship. The pre-paid label goes on my bill and I still pay shipping. The 19.95 and free Visa card for 25.00 Never happened. My bill is always 50 + a month and the card has never come.

Now they want to go into my checking account and take the 380.00 out of my account which is not in there. The Customer service is horrible especially on the phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $380.

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Moline, Illinois, United States #851388

My 93 year old mother had cable TV, and when she has trouble with it (hitting the wrong button and turning off the cable box, or hitting the AUX button on the remote so the channels will no longer change) I can help her with it because I have the same service. At times, I've even had to go to her house in order to figure out what the problem was.

She has a VHS machine, but has trouble making it work.

She let a door to door DISH salesman into the house and he talked her in to signing up not only for DISH, but for HOPPER along with it. She told him that she wasn't sure that she would be able to figure out how to work it, but he told her it was 'simple'. He also told her he liked his job because he 'liked to help people out by saving them money'. He told her he could save her "X" amount of money per month, but never told her what channels she'd be getting.

She thought DISH was just another cable TV provider so she signed up. She couldn't even figure out how to turn the TV on (I figured out the DISH box was not turned on.)

She told me about it the next day (after it was all installed), and I told her I wouldn't be able to help her if she had problems with it, because I don't have that service. The following day, she decided to go back to Cable.

I called DISH for her to cancel and they balked time and again, refusing to cancel, and offering her cheaper packages and saying how those would be easier to operate, saying she didn't know why the salesman would have sold her such a complicated package, I firmly kept repeating that she wanted to cancel. The representative, was very pleasant, but told me there would be a $480 early disconnection fee to be charged to Mom's credit card.

Mom didn't even know she'd signed a contract - and couldn't find a copy of anything they'd left except brochures and 4 or 5 instruction foldouts for different aspects of the system. The DISH representative said she was really sorry to have to charge the fee, and I said if you're sorry, why don't you waive it? She said she couldn't waive the fee. She later told me they were also charging Mom 61 cents for the 3 days usage since she signed up!!!

As others on this page have said, DISH will not come out and pick up the equipment they delivered, nor will they remove the dish from Mom's roof.

(The representative said she couldn't make a work order for that - even though the sales man and the installer had just been there 3 days earlier.) DISH will send boxes with labels we can use to ship the equipment back at a charge of $17 per box, to be charged to the credit card. If the equipment isn't received within 30 days of our conversation she'll be charged ($100 - $400) for the equipment, even though the boxed will take 7-10 days to arrive here. I asked if we couldn't take them to an office somewhere nearby, and she gave me an address & phone number of a place that "might" take them.

Now, because of the way they installed the DISH connections, Mom has to have the cable company come out to re-connect the TVs to the cable signal which has not been disconnected. That may be free, but it may cost $29.00 depending on what the workmen decide.

NIGHTMARE!! Nearly $500 for 3 days of service that were never used anyway?? And my Mom is the one who always says, "I don't watch TV anyway." Meanwhile, Mom's 3 remotes in the living room (TV, cable & VHS player) have disappeared, there isn't a DISH remote for that TV, and the only one who has been there is the DISH installer.

(Where would he have put the remotes? I really can't imagine he'd have walked away with them.)

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