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Had Dish Networkfor 2 years. The reception problems got so bad we decided to drop them

and go back to OTA, just an antennae. Then sent us boxes to ship the stuff back. We

would ship it back the day we got the box. Direct would say it was not received back

so would trace it thru UPS and let them know who signed for it. They would then admit

to having it, but would need another part sent part and the process started over.

Finally got all the parts back, no more calls and final bill paid. 6 months later

started receiving mail from them asking to come back, only 1 every 2 months. After

another 6 months called them and asked to be taken off their mailing list since we

would never go back. After the call got mailings every week. Sent them an e-mail after

2 months of that. Now I got 2 mailings a week. Have called them several times and still

get 2 per week. Don't go to them since they will never let you go.

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Littleton, Colorado, United States #914382


I'm sorry to read of your stuggle with this and we hated to have seen you go. I would enjoy the opportunity to assist you in squaring this situation away if you could please email me your account number and four-digit PIN at michael.lemar@dish.com. Thanks!

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