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First off I would like to say I work in Tech Support and own a business so I consider myself a customer orientated person. I tip when necessary and know that being a good customer is just as important as providing a good service.

Got Dish TV service when I rented a house. The service was not too bad at our rental. Fair price and decent service. After a year I bought a house and this is were the nightmare began….

We got the service temporarily disconnected for the move. The service representative advised that we need to indicate when we want to schedule the reinstallation in the new home. So three months later we wanted it reconnected. Only to get told that we owe payment for the three months we did not have TV.

When my wife called they told her that it was hooked up and we are trying to scam them. I called the next day and was treated absolutely unfair and told that I need to pay a $100 reconnect fee on top of the three months we did not receive any type of service. My wife reattempted to call the next day and they ridiculed her saying that having your "boyfriend" call will not resolve her issue. Even talking to a manager was no help.

Once we paid all these (unfair) fees they came and hooked it up. Out of the four Televisions in my house (two receivers running all four) The controller does not work on one making it unusable. Also, in my daughters room she only has a couple channels and a message that says "Congratulations you have DISH 500", it is limited to only two channels. I called technical support and after 2 hours they fixed this issue.

A couple months later the "Congratulations you have DISH 500" screen came back up. I called support and had a HORRIBLE experience. I am guessing from our previous calls we are "marked" as poor customers. The Techs are very rude and condescending, could not advise what the issue was before.

Got transferred to the same lady I talked to with our previous issue and she was a completely unreasonable. After running a few "tests" she advised a technician needs to come to remove the "trees" and other "obstructions" from my DISH. Even after I indicate the service works on the three other receivers in my house. I am completely fed up with this experience.

This is not about getting something for free this is about treating people fairly and resolving common issues.

I am paying for a service that I cannot even use and it is a money pit to get it to work. This poor service has been consistent with every call and issue we have had.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I'd be happy to help you with that if you could please email me your account number and four-digit PIN at so I can review your information and any options. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you further!


This is a horrible company. I went a few months were I had money trouble and told them I couldn't pay right then and they could just disconnect for the next month, because I wouldn't be able to afford it then and I would pay it the following month, the company agreed.

I called back follow month to see what my payment would be they said $80, ok that's reasonable, I told them I would pay you this Friday. I call f

Friday and I am told I own $188. They were trying to rip me off, because after I told them they we wrong and talk to two or three other people and talked down to, while I remained calm, they finally transfered me to someone who had no clue what they were talking about because it clearly said, I owned $80 and didn't need to pay a tech to come to my house to reset up. They were trying to get me to pay a installation fee, while everything was still installed, just interrupted service for a month.

Question EVERYTHING this company does, or they will *** over and never tell you otherwise. This is not a trustworthy company.

Conroe, Texas, United States #774163


I can see your aggravation from the situation with your backyard and if you could please email me your phone number at, I can get you set up with our Damages department to assist you properly in getting that resolved. Thanks!

Conroe, Texas, United States #774162


It depends whether you opted to apply Pause to your account for that temporary time period of your move for a minimal fee or cancel service completely to have it reopened later. It sounds like you may have moved and got set up at your new residence during the recent winter season when the trees were bare but I really need to have a look at your account and review all notes left in order to optimally assist you with this. Please email me your account number at and I'll look forward to speaking with you!


I Have about twelve beautiful arborvitae surrounding my back yard. Without even contacting me, Dish tv started tearing through my trees, to put a cable for my neighbors TV.

I went out and said “please be careful with my trees,” they dug a trench through my trees, tearing a large limb off a leaving a big trench in my yard. I was an am very upset about that.

A few weeks later a Dish salesman came to my door trying to sell me the dish TV. I tried to politely explain I had Comcast , was under contract and was and have always been very happy with Comcast. This person went into a tirade about how he hated Comcast with a passion, he was rude, and kept trying to get into my house. He jerked on my screen door, and YELLED at me, “I can’t hear you!”. I was in no way going to open my screen and let him in to my home. At that point I said no matter. I have nothing more to say to you. I live in a mobile home park and solicitors are NOT allowed

There is a sign next to my deck that says private property, no trespassing, and no solicitors. When I pointed this out he said “She told me to come here and sell dish packages because Comcast was ripping people off in this park.”

I said she? Who is she?, He said the lady in the Chrysler. I knew that was the manager and she does NOT allow salesmen in this park. After he stomped off my deck I called the manager to make sure I was correct that he was lying about that. She said absolutely not, She had seen this person and had stopped and told him to leave this property now!

The caretaker had told him to leave also.

I was fearful of this individual and later that day I heard banging on my door, no one was there when I got to the door. I have a doorbell, no need to bang on my door.


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