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I have been paying $10.00 a month for not having a phone line attached to my broadband receiver. I gave in and ran phone lines to both my receivers and called Dish Network to tell them that the phone lines were in and to stop charging me.

The representative told me that the phone line to the receiver did not work in doing what it was supposed to do and they would no longer be charging me for this service.

They refused me my money back. I feel that I should be reimbursed along with every other person they wrongfully charged!

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink with the Executive Offices of DISH Network. I apologize that they did not credit the account for past charges once you connected the phone line.

I wanted to clarify the programming access fee some customers are receiving. Although this is not a fee currently in effect, if you signed up under a promotion that had the programming access fee and are still being charged the $5.00 there is a way to take part in the current incentive to waive that fee. You can add the automatic payment option to your account, paperless billing, along with a valid email address.

Keep in mind that even though a phone line/broadband connection is not required to avoid additional charges, having it connected does provide you with a lot of other interactive benefits. Some of these benefits included paying your bill using remote, ordering programming using remote, up to date weather information on interactive menus but it will also allow you to update and change DVR recordings online or watch recorded programs from DVR on your computer depending on your service and equipment.


Not wrongfully charged, you signed the customer agreement when you got the service. It's in mine, I'm sure it is in yours.

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